December 21, 1912: Frank Wild’s Western Party heads for home

–from Wild’s journal published in Lief Mills’ “Frank Wild”–

21 December. The glacier we have been following up sweeps round these rocks to the south west and appears to commence just beyond. From east to south there are ice falls tumbling down on to the glacier, and beyond the ice cap ascends very gradually as far as we can see. The travelling is so abominably heavy that I have decided to return from here. We only have food to go another week and in that time we should not be as far as we can see from here. There was 18 inches of soft snow all the way we went today and in many places over two feetp it was very hard work walking through it, and pulling sledges would be awful.

Judging by the distances we have done in the last few days we could not hope to do more than 3-1/2 to four miles a day. By turning back now we shall also stand a chance of saving our two remaining sledge dogs, and they have worked so well they really deserve to live.”

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