Christmas Day, 1912: with Frank Wild on the trail

–from Wild’s field diary published in Lief Mills’ “Frank Wild”–

“Xmas day. 25 December. 15 miles. Turned out and got away at 8 am. Surface very good when we started and downhill, we got just over nine miles by lunch time. The sun was very not nearly all day and after lunch the snow was very soft, but fortunately the slope grew steeper and at 5 pm we reached the depot, having done over 15 miles and descended 2,300 feet. I am afraid I shall have to work back to night travelling again, the snow is so very soft down here. . . .Some time ago we found a plum pudding in one of our food bags, put there by Moyes I think; we ate it tonight in addition to our usual fare, and topped up with a small taste of medical store whisky each, and managed to get up quite a festive feelin. After dinner we hoisted the Union Jack and the Australian Ensign and formally took possession of the land in Doctor Mawson’s name, for King George V and the Australian Commonwealth.”

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