December 29, 1912: Wild on the homeward trail

–from Frank Wild’s field diary, published in Leif Mills’ “Frank Wild

“29 December. 10-1/2 miles. Under way at 2.45 am; not so cold as yesterday, cloudy sky, light easterly breeze, and as course was west the sail was useful. Passed several rock outcrops and Watson went over to them, mostly gneiss and granite, one being exceptionally coarse granite. Had lunch at 7 am having done six miles, nearly all on the slope from the island to the glacier, the sledge making a lot of leeway. . . .The wind failed us and the surface began to feel the sun, so that pulling was heavy and we only did 4-1/2 miles up to 1 pm when we camped. We are now about five miles from A depot. There has been so much thaw going on that I am afraid we shall find the provisions in water.”


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