December 30, 1912: “Trouble of a new order was brewing. . . .”

–from Douglas Mawson’s account “The Home of the Blizzard“–

“The first intimation of this came to me in the latter part of the march, when I realized that my companion was not as cheerful as usual. As he had always been so bright and energetic it was clear that there was some good reason for this change, and I was loath to speak to him directly about it as it would likely pass off.

“On talking things over with Mertz, I found that, though he had said little on the subject in the past, he had found the dog meat very disagreeable and felt that he was getting little nutriment from it. He suggested that we should abstain for a time from eating any further of this meat and draw solely upon the ordinary food of which we still had some days’ supply carefully husbanded. This plan was adopted as it was expected to act beneficially on our health. I will always remember the wonderful taste that the food had in those days.”


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