January 2, 1913: Waiting for the Terra Nova at Cape Evans

–from Frank Debenham’s diary published in “The Quiet Land”–

2.1.12. Last volume of the diary now–expect I shall not get very far with it before there is no need to write more, as even now we are daily expecting the ship. All last month I was away up Erebus, and over at Cape Royds, getting some work done,–chiefly surveying. so I feel a little better satisfied with the year now, tho’ it has been rather a come-down from our great plans of ten months ago.

“Everybody very lazy, and indeed there is little to do, as all have been at the hut except my party for some time, and practically all the packing is done. Mine is decidedly behindhand.

“Seem strange to return from the Antarctic withn ten times as much gear as I came down with, but so it is and packing it up is a job. I am bringing back a dog, also, not one of my own team, but one of the old dogs, Tresor, a marvel of quietness and amiability.”

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