January 5, 1913: “35 miles, the best we have yet done.”

–from Frank Wild’s sledging diary, quoted in Lief Mills’ “Frank Wild“–

5 January, 35 miles. . . .During the lunch hour we rigged a sail on the dog sledge, using tent poles as a mast, floor cloth for a sail, ice axe as upper yard and bamboo lower yard. . .Later on in the afternoon the wind freshened to force seven and dismasted the dog sledge so we took her in tow again, the sail on the big sledge taking both on easily. At 4 pm every one being fresh, we decided to go on and try to reach the hut. 20 miles. We had a dry meal without pitching a tent and resumed the march. By this time the wind was blowing a gale, and with a reefed sail two of us had to make fast asterm and hold the sledges back. At 9.45 the gale became so strong I decided to camp, as the light was bad, and a thick drift flying, making it very unlikely that we should strike the hut. The march for the day was 35 miles, the best we have yet done.”

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