January 6, 1913: Wild’s field party arrives back at the Western Party home base

–from Frank Wild’s field diary published in Lief Mills’ “Frank Wild“–

“6 January. 7 miles. There was still a strong breeze when we started this morning, but no drift, and after an hour’s march we saw the mast with the glasses and soon after the hut. Just before reaching the hut we all started singing at the top of our voices, and in a few seconds Moyes came running out; so soon as he saw there were four of us he stood on his head. As we expected he had quite given Harrison up, and had made a march (when the time was up for his return) of six days, carrying food for Harrison and the dogs as sell as his own. Moyes reports the western party were delayed in starting by bad weather until the 7th November and got away on that date all in good health and spirits. He does not look any worse for his nine weeks loneliness, but says it has been the worst time he has ever had in his life.”

[Wild told Moyes what had happened and why Harrison had gone with them. Moyes recounted [Walkabout] “‘I realised this left you holding the breach’ Wild said cheerfully. ‘But I felt that had it been possible to consult you, you would have wholehearetedly agreed..’ ‘I knew what you had to do, Frank,’ I told him. ‘It was all right with me.’ The damn funny thing is I meant it.”

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