January 11, 1913: Cape Evans–Scott’s men still waiting for the ship

–from Frank Debenham’s diary published as “The Quiet Land”–

11.1.13″ Still no ship. There is plenty of time yet, of course, but most of us expected her [the Terra Nova on her anticpated return to take off the wintering party of Scott’s last expedition] before now. Some of the men have made up their minds she is not coming, but she can’t be very far off by now. We have had rotten weather lately, thick and snowy, but today again is fine and hot.

“The northerly wind had brought a lot of heavy pack down the Sound, stuff that would take her a long time to get through and anyhow after the open season during the winter here, I expect she will meet more pack than usual. Gran, by an infallible consultation of cards, has predicted her arrival on the 12th, tomorrow. I hope he’s right.”

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