January 18, 1913: “Terra Nova in sight! Hurrah! Hurrah!”

–from Tryggve Gran’s Antarctic diary published as The Norwegian with Scott

“8 January. Terra Nova in sight! Hurrah! Hurrah! Great jubilation! Hurrah!

“(Evening) We are saved. It was a piece of luck, for we had this morning begun to prepare for another winter here [at Cape Evans]. Teddy Evans is on board. All’s well at home.

Terra Nova had a frightful return voyage to New Zealand last year. The coal supplies were minimal, and they had to make sail the whole time. Huge, stormy seas met them from the first moment. They arrived in New Zealand on 1 April. They had departed southwards again on 14 December. Sea and head winds had delayed them, but the worst was the pack that stretched from north to south in a band 450 sea miles wide. It took the ship 18 days to break through this belt.

“There was great delight in our party when the ship came in sight. When Terra Nova was close under Cape Evans, Teddy Evans shouted through the loud hailer: ‘Is all well at Cape Evans?’ One minute’s silence. Campbell: ‘The southern party perished on the way back.’ Complete silence on board and ashore. Teddy: ‘Let go anchor.’

“The world news is that the Serbs, Bulgars, and Montenegrans have thrqashed the Turks. But it is late, and I must get my head down in my good old bunk for the last time.”

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