February 11, 1913: “But my husband is a good sport . . . (Kathleen Scott)

–from a news article in the San Francisco Chronicle February 11, 1913–

“Mrs. Robert F. Scott left San Francisco last Wednesday on the Australian line steamer Anorangi, sanguine in the hope that she would greet her husband within two months at some New Zealand port. When seen here Mrs. Scott said she was sorry for her husband and that no one could understand better than his wife how great must have been his disappointment when he learned of Captain Roald Amundsen;s success in reaching the South Pole. Captain Amundsen’s party reached the pole on the 14th December [1912].

“But my husband is a good sport,” she said, “and no one will be quicker to congratulate Captain Amundsen than he, especially after he has endured the same hardships as Captain Amundsen and can appreciate readily the emotions of that sturdy Norwegian when he realized he had won the race to the pole.”

“Mrs. Scott left San Francisco unaware that Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his party were overwhelmed by a blizzard on their return journey from the pole. Captain Scott’s party reached the point where Amundsen’s planted the Norwegian flag at the South Pole on January 18th [1913]. A wireless message apprising Mrs. Scott of the disaster that had overtaken her husband was sent to the liner this morning. Whether the message reached the vessel will not be known until today, as it was not dispatched until just before the ‘Chronicle’ went to press.”

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