March 25, 1913: Amundsen lectures in San Francisco

–from the San Francisco Chronicle, March 25 1913—

“Captain Roald Amundsen, discoverer of the South Pole, held a large audience intensely intereste at Scottish Rite Hall last evening with his lecture on the experiences of the hardy band of Norwegian explorers, which successfully negotiated the formidable Ross barrier and planted the flag of their country “farthest south” in December 1911. The lecture was illustrated with scores of stereopticon views and several “reels” of moving pictures describing the progress of the (ship) Fram from Christiana harbor to the edge of the Antarctic ice pack and the subsequent dash to the pole.

“Captain Amundsen’s narrative is free from all technical description and consequently was easily understood by his hearers. He makes little of the hardships endured by himself and companions, and gives a great part of the credit to the 110 Esquimaux dogs, of which but one lived to make the return journey to Norway.

“Several especially interesting pictures showed the meeting in the Bay of Whales at the edge of the Ross barrier, of the three vessels bearing the explorer of as many countries. The Nova Year (sic: Terra Nova), which bore Captain Scott’s ill-fated expedition, the Fram with Captain Amundesen’s party, and the steamer of the Japanese explorers being shown at anchor within a radius of a few miles.”

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