May 18, 1913: Shackleton’s meeting with Tryggve Gran

–Gran’s words, quoted from Roland Huntford’s biography “Shackleton”–

(Shackleton had come to call at Gran’s hotel)

‘Shackleton was the same as before, youthful and embarrassingly boyish. “Have you lost the taste for Antarctic exploration,” he said suddenly, lighting a half-smoked cigar. “Why?” I asked, somewhat surprised. “I heard that you had plans for flying,” Shackleton continued.

(Gran asked Shackleton , half seriously, whether flying and polar exploration could be combined.)

‘”Of course,” Shackleton burst out. “Of course it can, and that is precisely why I came here. I propose. . . to attempt the crossing of the Antarctic continent. It is a difficult task, and I must use every possible aid. The question is: will you join my expedition?”‘


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