November 4, 1913: Ponting’s Motion Pictures of Scott

–from the San Francisco Chronicle, November 4, 1913–

“There is a splendid series of motion pictures on exhibition this week at the Savoy Theater, pictures all of which were taken by Herbert Ponting who was the official artist of Captain Scott’s Expedition to the South Pole. Some of the pictures are truly remarkable for their intimate review of that strange southern land of the “Great White Silence” and its animate life. But it would be a dull heart, indeed, that did not quicken as the last scenes drew near and one saw on the screen the laughing quintet about their daily tasks all unconscious that their end was at hand.

“Scott, Bowers, Oates, Evans, Wilson–who reached the pole only to find that they had been forestalled, and who yet possessed sufficient chivalrous honor to take a photograph showing the Norwegian flag flying where they were giving their lives to plant the Union Jack, who passed with the same stiff upper lip that they had maintained in their terrible hardships upon the South Pole dash, who died with no thoughts of themselves, and the leader of whom left a message that the world will see that it is inscribed in letters of gold that time will not efface.”

[Ponting’s motion pictures are still available, as the DVD “90 Degrees South: With Scott to the Antarctic” ]

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