Shackleton Selects His Men: Surgeon A. H. Macklin

–from an interview with Macklin published in James and Margery Fisher’s “Shackleton”–

“I waited all that morning, in fact all day, and I think what stood me in good stead was that during the time I was waiting for him I got to talking with other chaps, including Frank Wild. I went along to lunch with them and went back to the office in the afternoon, and Shackleton came in in a terrific hurry again, went into an inner room, spent ab out half an hour with Wild, and Wild came out and said ‘He’ll see you in a minute or two,’ and I said, ‘Well, will you put in a good word for me?’

“Whether he did or not I don’t know, but I went in to see Shackleton, he looked me up and down, asked me one or two questions, and just abruptly, like that said ‘All right, I’ll take you,’ without any further reference o requirement of any kind at all. . . .

“He asked, ‘Why are you wearing spectacles?’ For want of anything better, I said, ‘Many a wise face would look foolish without spectacles,’ and he laughed.”


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