August 1914: Endurance under sail, headed for Madeira

–from “Hold Fast: Tom Crean with Shackleton’s Endurance 1914-1917” by David Hirzel–

With the Boss still ashore, Captain Frank Worsley was in charge of the ship for the first leg of the voyage. The Skipper was a likeable sort not unlike Lieutenant Evans on board the Terra Nova—a soft touch with the men, not at all the remote and hardbitten captain that was wanted to control a merchant ship. Many of his men had been to the ice before in one ship or another. Younger than most of them, he had a gentleness about his features, a softness in his speaking that might not earn the respect of deep-sea salts and growlers like Tom McLeod or John Vincent. He had worked his way up through the ranks in trading voyages around the south Pacific, taking his first command in a three-master at the age of thirty. He knew his shiphandling and navigation, but he would never be a conventional skipper in any trade.


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