September 1914: Frank Wild and the Sea Dogs

–from Frank Wild’s memoir. He, in company with Wordie, James, Sir Daniel Gooch, seventy dogs, five tons of petrol, and thirty tons of stores, sailed from Liverpool in the large cargo ship La Negra, arriving in Buenos Aires October 11, 1914–

“The care of the dogs was almost a whole time job. At 6 am the stewards served us with tea and at 6.10 I gave the order to turn to. The sailors objected to washing down the dog deck, so that was our first duty; then the dogs were fed and watered, by which time our own breakfast had arrived. On the second morning after leaving port, the two scientists [Wordie and James] did not make an appearance, and at 6.30 I went to their cabin to enquire the reason. One of them said ‘We have not had our tea yet.’ This being strictly against discipline, I put the hose through their port and washed them out and had no subsequent trouble.”


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