October 14, 1914: Frank Hurley joins the “Endurance”

–from Frank Hurley’s account “Shackleton’s Argonauts”–

“I arrived in Buenos Aires two days after Shackleton’s Endurance was moored alongside the quay. I transferred my gear to the expedition ship. The leader was on board. He was standing on the after-deck, scanning the trim lines of the barquentine rig with a mariner’s keen appreciation of a well-found ship. And this was his flagship, the ship in which he and his Argonauts must brave the world’s wildest seas and win the battle against the warring ice-packs.

“Sir Ernest Shackleton’s greeting and warm handshake made me feel a welcome arrival and an important addition to his team. He fulfilled all the preconceived ideas and ideals that hero-worship had enshrined in him. . . . Shackleton planned on broad lines, and while exercising the greatest thought for the comfort and safety of his men, delegated the responsibility of carrying out details to others. . . .

“Shackleton was an explorer of the type who has carried the Union Jack over uncharted seas and planted it in the heart of unknown lands for adventure’s sake.”


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