October 11,1914: Charlie Green applies to be cook with “Endurance”

–from a conversation recorded with James and Margery Fisher in 1955–

Green had been been cook on board the steamer Andes. “The butcher on the Andes had been ashore and when he came back he said to me, ‘Cook, they want a cook/steward on that expedition ship that is setting out for the Antarctic.’ I said , ‘That will just suit me. So I went to see the manager [of the Andes] and I said, ‘Look, sir, there is a situation going on the Endurance. I would like to go, but I can’t get that job if I can’t leave here.’ He said, ‘you go along. If they accept you, I’ll let you go.’

Green went on board Endurance to see the captain. “I went along to his cabin and knocked at the door. The door opened and a naked man was there—in the bath! Well!!” It was Worsley, and as it turned out the two had been shipmates on board the Sardinian years before.

Green was asked to come back later in the day. When he returned their were twenty men lined up on the dock seeking the position.

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