October 12,1914: Charlie Green applies to be cook with “Endurance”  

–from a conversation recorded with James and Margery Fisher in 1955–

Green had returned to the Endurance to find himself in a line with twenty other men seeking the job as ship’s cook. “Nobody was given the job. I came back to the ship [the Andes] absolutely done in. There was no job for me. I told my assistant to clear out and I would stop o duty that night. I wanted to work—to take my mind off it.

“I was strong as a horse—I could hold a 43 lb. Bag of flour at arms length. I was working in the galley [of the Andes] and in walked our Skipper and Shackleton’s second in command Frank Wild—although I didn’t know him at the time.

“Our Skipper said, ‘That’s Green, Sir,’ and Commander Wild said to me, ‘Shackleton has chosen you for the expedition!!’ Well, I could have fallen through the bottom of the ship.

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