November 5, 1914: The “Endurance” arrives at South Georgia

–from Frank Hurley’s account “Shackleton’s Argonauts”–

“It was not until the tenth day that we obtained a fleeting glimpse of the towering ranges of South Georgia peering above banks of dense fog. As we headed for land, we entered a heavy mist that obscured all vision. Although unable to observe the island, we were able to navigate a course by the aid of our noses; there was no doubt that we were drawing closer as there wafted out to us the growing smell of the whaling factories.

“Since we were unable to determine a harbour entrance in the enveloping fog, our siren was sounded incessantly in the hope of attracting a whale-chaser. It was not long before we received and answering blast, and soon a small vessel emerged through the mist and ranged alongside. Captain Michelsen, of the “Sitka” piloted us into Cumberland Bay and then into a miniature haven, King Edward Cove, where anchor was dropped off Grytviken, the shore station of the Argentina Pesca Company.”

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