November 14, 1914: A Side Trip along South Georgia in a Steam Whale Catcher

–from Frank Hurley’s account “Argonauts of the South”–

“Our good friend Captain Rassmussen took us for many crazy voyages along the cost in a superannuated whaler—the ‘Little Carl.’ Perilously thin and rusty in her plates, leaky of boiler and asthmatic in her tubes, the ancient craft danced with senile vim in the rough seas which gushed through her rivet holes while steam hissed from leaky pipes and her engines clanked and knocked ominously.

“The hundred miles of coast dared in the ‘Little Carl’ presented a chain of rugged snow-clad mountains and glaciers—a wall which here and there bent into broad bays, and was occasionally broken by deep fjords wherein the sea sent softly-caressing, questing arms among black shadows. Always in the background, towering like titanic spires of glistening marble, rose the snowy splendours of the Allardyce range.”


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