November 23, 1914: Grytviken: A Banquet with the whalers

-from Frank Hurley’s account “Argonauts of the South”–

“The dinner table was graced with spotless linen so unlike our four-week-old stain absorbers, and tastefully bedecked with a splendid display of blue and gold chinaware, on which basked a tempting and wondrous array of sliced sausage so dear to the heart—or rather the stomach—of the Norwegian. After regaling ourselves thereon, we were informed that the sausage was manufactured locally. The ingredients being whale-fed pig and whale meat. We epicures were unanimous in praise of the ‘wurst.’ Next day, however, we observed a herd of the aforesaid ‘pig ingredients’ emerging from the bowels of a whale, where they had just completed—if grunts are indicatory—a sumptuous gorge.

“Afterwards several of our members did not care to dine at Mr. Jacobsen’s. For my part, the proof of the sausage is in the eating.”


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