December 5, 1914: Departure at last! “Endurance” sails for the South.

–from Frank Hurley’s account “Shackleton’s Argonauts”—

“On 5 December 1914 we drew away from Grytviken amidst farewell cheers, blasts from factory whistles and salvos of harpoon-gun fire, which echoed and rolled among the mountains until we rounded the bluffs of Mount Duse and headed for the open sea. Outside the weather was, as usual, dull, and there was a high sea running, but the wind blew fair. Sails were set, the order “full speed ahead” was rung down to the engine-room, and the ship’s bows were turned to the south. As we drew away from the lee of the island, the wind increased. Under steam and sail and with a heavy following sea, our deeply laden vessel proved splendidly seaworthy, riding the combers steadily and bouyantly and shipping no water.”


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