January 10, 1915: Shackleton’s men discover New Land

–from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s account “South”–

“All hands were watching now for the coast described by Dr. W. S. Bruce [leader of the ‘Scotia’ Expedition, in 1904, and named by him Coats Land], and at 5 p.m. the look-out reported an appearance of land to the south-south-east. It seemed to be an island or peninsula with a sound on its south sided, and the position of its most northerly point was about 72º 34′ S., 16º 40′ W.

“The ‘Endurance’ was passing through heavy loose pack, and shortly before midnight she broke into a lead of open sea along a barrier-edge. A sounding within one cable’s length of the barrier-edge gave no bottom with 210 fathoms of line. The ‘Scotia’ must have passed this point when pushing to Bruce’s farthest sount on March 6, 1904, and I knew from the narrative of that voyage, as well as from our own observation, that the coast trended away to the southwest.”

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