Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party, February 1915: First season’s work laying out the depots for the TransAntarctic Expedition

–from R. W. Richards account “The Ross Sea Shore Party 1914-1917”–

“[Captain] Mackintosh decided to commence some preliminary depot laying from this position [off Cape Evans on Ross Island], and sledging parties set out from the ship [Aurora] on this and subsequent days. The sledging groups in parties of three were: Mackintosh, [Ernest] Wild, and Smith; [Ernest] Joyce, Jack, and Gaze; Cope, Stevens and Haywood; and Hooke, Ninnis and myself. The last party took the motor sledge almost to Hut Point where it broke down and they then continued to Corner Camp on foot. At Scott’s ‘Safety Camp’. about 10 miles beyond Hut Point, we dug down through the snow at the base of a bamboo and discovered one of his motor sledges where it had finally broken down. We returned to Hut point later without going very far or doing very much, and arrived back in late February.

“In the meantime, various rearrangements had taken place in the other parties with the result that, after laying the “Bluff: depot about lat. 79º S., Mackintosh, Wild, and Joyce continued on to lat. 80º S. and placed the last depot of the year on 20 February.”

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