Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, February 1915: . . .a world where the laws of nature, as you had known them, were suspended. . .”

–from Frank Worsley’s account “Endurance”–

“It might be thought that our surroundings were monotonous to the eye since all that we could see was snow and ice; but this was not so. There was a continual rainbow-like variety of colour. Outside the Arctic and Antarctic regions, of course one is surrounded by coloured objects; and while there was nothing of this where we found ourselves beset, nevertheless we experienced colour in a way unknown in the far North or South. It was as though our snowy surroundings were being painted upon continually by a master-hand, or the most superb lime-lights were being played upon us.

“When the sun was out there were nearly always striking parhelia, or mock-suns red or gold or prismatic, and always magnificent. These were great circles round the real sun, and bright straight lines of colour intersecting these circles, with a mock sun at each intersection.

“The weirdness of the effect is indescribable. When you gazed upon this strange and awe-inspiring sky you felt as though you had stepped into a world where the laws of nature, as you had known them, were suspended and overruled by some vaster Power, which was thus making itself known to you.”


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