Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party, March 11, 1915: . . .and very weird travelling in the dark.

–from Ernest Shackleton’s account “South”–

“Mackintosh intended now to move the stores to the proper place [on the Barrier, where Shackleton could later pick them up along a line between Bluff Peak and Mount Discovery]. He sighted the depot flag about four miles away, and after pitching camp at the new depot site, he went with Joyce and Wild and found the stores as he had left them.

“[Mackintosh] ‘We loaded the sledge with with the stores, placed the large mark flag on the sledge, and proceeded back to our tent, which was now out of sight. Indeed it was not wise tom come out as we did without tent or bag. We had taken the chance, and the weather promised fine. As we proceeded it grew darker and darker, and eventually we were travelling only by the light of the stars, the sun having dipped. After four and a half hours we sighted the little green tent. It was hard pulling the last two hours and very weird travelling in the dark.

“’We have put in a good day, having fourteen hours’ solid marching. We are now sitting here enjoying a very excellent thick hoosh. A light has been improvised out of an old tin with methylated spirit.’”


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