Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party, April 19, 1915: The ‘Aurora’ ties up off Cape Evans

–from R. W. Richards’ account “The Ross Sea Shore Party, 1914-1917”–

[The ‘Aurora’ had been tied up off Cape Evans, with stout steel hawsers linking her to the shore, intending to winter-over there.]

“In the meantime, fires were drawn on the ship and the boiler blown down. Some dismantling of the engines also took place to guard against undue strain during the winter cold. From time to time wind and tied would cause some or all of the sea ice to go out to sea, and at times ice would over-ride and press inshore. On 10 April two of the stern hawsers parted, but by careful nursing of the others the ship maintained her position right throughout the month. An ever-increasing area of an acre or two of thicker ice remained, held in by the ship when the rest was taken out to sea so we thought she was safe for the winter.”


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