Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, April 18, 1915:

–from Sir James Wordie’s diary–

“18 April. The soundings have not differed very much, all being between 190 and 200 fms. During these days there have been entertainments such as a lantern lecture by Hurley last night on the Mawson expedition; it was followed by ‘Sweethearts and Wives’ in a humble way.

“Today happened to be Wild’s birthday and following the general custom a cake and bottle of whisky were passed round after dinner. A comparison of ages too place naturally, in which the average age is 33. The youngest in the party are Kerr (second engineer) 22, James 23, Hussey nearly 24., Macklin and myself nearly 26, Hurley 29 and Clark 32. The average age was considerably raised by Cheetham and the carpenter. Tom Crean, old as he looks, is only 38.”


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