Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, April 22, 1915: “. . . a dawn that never dawns. . .”

–from Thomas Orde-Lees diary–

“22 April. There is now a great difference in the sun since we last saw him three days ago. It did not ruse until 10 a.m. today. Its altitude at noon was barely 3 deg, so that dawn and dusk were virtually merged into one continuous sunrise and sunset, and this effect will become increalingly noticeable during the next few days until at last we shall see only the glow of a dawn that never dawns, and the setting of a sun that has never set. It will be strange, but it is a good thing that we are being gradually accustomed to the final disappearance of the sun. The glorious colours of the sunrises and sunset are some consolation for our impending loss.”


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