Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, April 30, 1915: “Another dog died during Tuesday night. . .”

–from Sir James Wordie’s diary–

“30 April. Dull skies have reigned for two days now, accompanied by high temperatures (plus 10 to 20 degrees F.); a light wind, refreshing rather than cold, has blown most of the time so that work out of doors has been very pleasant.

“Another dog died during Tuesday night. The number is now reduced to 50 plus 8 healthy puppies. It has been decided to feed the remaining dogs well despite a restricted supply of dog food; a full ration can only be kept up for five months.

“As regards our own supply of seal meat the outlook is good but not exciting. Hussey and myself were employed weighing it very carefully this morning: the total came out bigger than expected–790 pounds. As the amount of seal meat used per day for hands averaged about 6 lbs, we will just manage to last the spring four months hence.

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