Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition, May 1915: Electric lights

–from his account “South”–

“The month of May passed with few incidents of importance. Hurley, our handy man, installed our small electric-lighting plant and placed lights for occasional use in the observatory, the meteorological station, and various other points. We could not afford to use the electric lamps freely. Hurley also rigged two powerful lights on poles projecting from the ship to port and starboard. These lamps would illuminate the ‘dogloos’ brilliantly on the darkest winter’s day and would be invaluable in the event of the floe breaking during the dark days of winter. We could not imagine what it would mean to get fifty dogs aboard without lights while the floe was breaking and rafting under our feet. . . .The moon in the latter part of may was sweeping continuously through our starlit sky in great high circles.”


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