Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition: Dogloos, Part 2

–from Frank Hurley’s account “Shackleton’s Argonauts”–

“The crystal homes were provided with wooden floors and door-frames–windows being unnecessary because a faint, blue light filtered through the walls. ‘Sailor’ was the tenant of a model church, which boasted an icy spire and a portico. He, like many another sailor, preferred to curl up outside its precincts. It was, in fact, only when the weather was specially bad that the ice-kennels were used as sleeping-quarters. Only then would the dogs retire within them to sleep peacefully, while the wind howled and the snow piled up above them. Some of them, scratching away the snow, maintained little peep-holes through the doorway, either fro fresh air or to watch for the ‘hoosh.’ They also regarded their houses as useful sanctuaries when the stings of conscience troubled them and they had a foreboding that retribution would be exacted by the driver’s whip.”


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