Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition 1915: Green’s Galley in Winter Quarters

–from the reminisces of the ‘Antarctic Chef’ Charlie Green–

“I tried to vary the menus every day and invent new names for dishes. If it was Boat Race Day, we would have ‘Oxford and Cambridge Sandwich’; on Shamrock Day we had ‘Shamrock Scones’. Another one was ‘Antarctic Stew’–made of all the dollop you could put into it!!

“One lovely dish they used to like was seal meat and onions all messed up with a lot of fat and grease. But then the ‘Boss’ came to me and said, ‘Look here Chef, no hospital diet, I want all rib-stickers.’ So I had to make him all rib-stickers. He was also very fond of bread and butter pudding–that was one of his favorites.”

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