Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party, June 26, 1915: Plans for sledging Shackleton’s supplies south

–from R. W. Richards’ account–

[the June 26 planning discussions continued]

“The estimation of the weight of provissions required for the use of the depot laying parties, and for the six men of the Trans-continental Party, was about 4,000 lb. This had to be transported initially from Cape Evans to Hut Point. Mackintosh’s sledging plans called for four trips to be made from Hut Point to Minna Bluff to establish a main depot there, some 70 or 80 miles south of Hut Point. Then two trips were to be made from 80 degrees S., and to 81 degrees S., and from there a single trip to the Beardmore Glacier depot.

“All these plans were well displayed graphically on a large chart which gave particulars of weights, parties, and approximate dates. The meeting terminated with a long and thorough discussion, and a decision to put the various proposals in hand at once. All preparations were to be completed in time for a start on 1 September 1915.”

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