Shackleton’s ‘Aurora’ Adrift, September 21, 1915: “Oh for a release!”

–from Captain J. R. Stenhouse’s diary, quoted in Shackleton’s “South”–

“September 21.–The sun is making rapid progress south, and we have had to-day over seventeen hours’ light and twelve hours’ sunlight. Oh for a release! The monotony and worry of our helpless position is deadly. I suppose Shackleton and his party will have started depot laying now and will be full of hopes for the future. I wonder whether the ‘Endurance’ wintered in the ice or went north. I cannot help thinking that if she wintered in the Weddell Sea she will be worse off than the ‘Aurora.’ What a lot we have to look for in the next six months—news of Shackleton and the ‘Endurance,’ the party at Cape Evans, and the war.”

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