Shackleton’s “Aurora” adrift, October 7, 1915: “. . . still, it can be done. . . “

–from the log of J. R. Stenhouse, quoted by Shackleton in “South”—

“October 7.—As time wears on the possibility of getting back to the Barrier deserves consideration; if we do not get clear until late in the season we will have to turn south first, although we have no anchors and little moorings, no rudder and a short supply of coal. To leave a party on the Barrier would make us very short-handed; still, it can be done, and anything is preferable to the delay in assisting the people at Cape Evans. At 5 a.m. a beautiful parhelion formed around the sun. The sight so impressed the bos’n that her roused me out to see it.”

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