The drift of Shackleton’s ‘Aurora’ December, 1915: “..the grip of the pack was inexorable. . .”

“The floes were becoming soft and ‘rotten,’ and walking was increasingly difficult. Deep pools of slush and water covered with shin snow made traps for the men. Stenhouse thought that a stiff blizzard would break up the pack. His anxiety was increasing with the advance of the season, and his log is a record of deep yearning to be free and active again.

“But the grip of the pack was inexorable. The hands had plenty of work on the ‘Aurora,’ which was being made shipshape after the buffeting of the winter storms. Seals and penguins were seen frequently, and the supply of fresh meat was maintained. The jury rudder was ready to be shipped when the ship was released, but in the meantime it was not being exposed to the attacks of the ice.”

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