The drift of Shackleton’s ‘Aurora,’ December 17, 1915: “Shackleton may be past the Pole now.”

–from the personal notes of Captain J. R. Stenhouse—

“No appreciable change in our surroundings. Every day past now reduces our chance in time to go north for rudder, anchors, and coal. If we break out before January 15 we might get north to New Zealand and down to Cape Evans again in time to pick up the parties. After that date we can only attempt to go south in our crippled state, and short of fuel.

“With only nine days’ coal on board we would have little chance of working through any Ross Sea pack, or of getting south at all if we encounter many blizzards. Still there is a sporting chance and luck may be with us. . . .Shackleton may be past the Pole now. I wish our wireless calls had got through.”

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