Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, December 27, 1915: “We did a good march of 1 ½ miles last night. . . .”

–from the diary of Thomas Orde Lees–

“We did a good march of 1 ½ miles last night before camping for luncheon at 1am today, and thereafter continued over easy flat floes and rather hummocky country for another mile until 5am, when we camped by a little sloping berg. I climbed the berg and saw a seal and shot it. Greenstreet’s team brought it in.

“So far we have just managed to get enough game each day to keep us going but it is rather a hand-to-mouth way of catering. Of all things we wish to avoid is toughing our previous sledging provisions, of which we have only 40 days’ supply. . . .

“I turned in at 2pm and Hussey kindly lighted the fire at 6pm. We were off again by 9pm. Two hundred yards from the start we had to break down some very heavy pressure ridges and bridge over several open leads with rubble and ice-slabs, thereafter the route lay over a very level floe for ¾ mile. We camped for luncheon at 11pm.”


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