Shackleton’s ‘Aurora’ adrift, January 7, 1915: “Stenhouse was economizing in food.”

–from Shackleton’s account “South”—

“At the end of the first week in January the ship was in lat. 65º 45’ S. The pack was well broken a mile from the ship, and the ice was rolling fast. Under the bows and stern the pools were growing and stretching away in long lanes to the west. A seal came up to blow under the stern on the 6th, proving that there was an opening in the sunken ice there.

“Stenhouse was economizing in food. No breakfast was served on the ship, and seal- or penguin-meat was used for at least one of the two meals later in the day. All hands were short of clothing, but Stenhouse was keeping intact the sledging gear intended for the shore party.”

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