Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, January 8, 1916: “It has been a beautiful day . . . .”

–from the diary of Harry McNeish, ship’s carpenter—

“Saturday Jan 8th. It has been a beautiful day the best we have had since we left the ship the Tempreture Plus 37 the highest we have had in 13 months but we cant get about the snow is soft we sink over the knees in getting of the pad we have been loosing a large piece of our floe during the night the piece we are on now is about 100 yards square still a good size yet if it was all solid but the water is showing in many places but we hope to be away in the boats before it gets much smaller we have been visited by a lot of Adelie Penguin which gave us a lot of trouble with the dogs & those we could not chase away had to be killed to make peace there has been two Finner Whales in the Leeds & a snow Petril was flying this afternoon we got 1 seal & 7 penguins Hussey is at present tormenting with his six known tunes on his banjoe”


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