Shackleton’s ‘Aurora’ Adrift, mid-January 1916: “. . . the ‘Aurora’ still lay in the ice. . . .”

–adapted by Shackleton from the log of Captain J. R. Stenhouse of the ‘Aurora’—

“The middle of January was passed and the ‘Aurora’ still lay in the ice. The period of continuous day was drawing towards its close, and there was appreciable twilight at midnight. A dark water-sky could be seen on the northern horizon. The latitude on January 24 was 65º 39-1/2’ S.

“Towards the end of the month Stenhouse ordered a thorough overhaul of the stores and general provisions for a move. The supply of flour and butter was ample. Other stores were running low, and the crew lost no opportunity of capturing seals and penguins. Adelies were travelling to the east-south-east in considerable numbers, but they could not be taken unless they approached the ship closely, owing to the soft condition of the ice.”

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