Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party, January 22, 1916: “. . . the Padre gave in, so we camped. . . .”

—from Ernest Joyce’s account “The South Polar Trail”—

“January 22nd, Saturday. For the first time since October I overslept myself. I have awakened at 5 to 5.30 every morning. I think this regularity is the result of my Naval training. Up 7.10. Under way 9 o’clock; at 11.30 the Padre gave in, so we camped.

“We had a consultation. I wanted the Skipper to stay behind with the Padre [Arnold Spencer-Smith], I think the rest will do them both good; anyway I left it to them. After lunch the Skipper [Captain Aeneas Mackintosh] decided to trek with us; the Padre said he was able to look after himself. We decided to leave him with tent and stores for a fortnight and push on for all we were worth [to the mouth of the Beardmore Glacier, to leave the southernmost of the depots for Shackleton’s transcontinental party].

“I think we can be back in under a week. I tried to persuade the Skipper for his own good to remain behind. Under way 2 o’clock. Distance 11 miles, 1,800 yards. Camped at 6.”


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