Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, January 29, 1916: “I decided to send Macklin and Hurley back with their dogs.”

–from Shackleton’s account “South”—

“The ice between us and Ocean Camp, now only about five miles away and actually to the south-west of us, was very broken, but I decided to send Macklin and Hurley back with their dogs [the two teams yet remaining] to see if there were any more food that could be added to our scanty stock. I have them written instructions to take no undue risk or cross any wide-open leads, and said that they were to return by midday the next day. Although they both fell through the thin ice up to their waists more than once, they managed to reach the camp.

“They found the surface soft and sunk about two feet. Ocean Camp, they said, ‘looked like a village that had been razed to the ground and deserted by its inhabitants’. . . .The storehouse next the galley had taken on a list of several degrees to starboard, and pools of water had formed everywhere. They collected what food they could find and packed a few books in a venesta sledging-case, returning to Patience Camp by about 8 p.m.”

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