April 3, 1916: Shackleton’s ‘Aurora’ lands in New Zealand, 312 days after being carried away from Cape Evans

–from Shackleton’s account “South”—

“Stenhouse displayed throughout fine seamanship and dogged perseverance. He accomplished successfully one of the most difficult voyages on record, in an ocean area notoriously stormy and treacherous. On March 23 he established wireless communication with Bluff Station, New Zealand, and o the next day was in touch with Wellington and Hobart. The naval officer in New Zealand waters offered assistance, and eventually it was arranged that the Otago Harbour Board’s tug ‘Plucky’ should meet the ‘Aurora’ outside Port Chalmers.

“There were still bad days to be endured. The jury rudder partially carried away and had to be unshipped in a heavy sea. Stenhouse carried on, in in the early morning of April 2 the ‘Aurora’ picked up the tug and was taken in tow. She reached Port Chalmers the following morning, and was welcomed with the warm hospitality that New Zealand has always shown toward Antarctic explorers.

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