Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, April 14, 1916: “Morning came at last.”

–from the diary of Thomas Orde Lees—

“Morning came at last. About 4am, the storm abated and a glorious glow of crimson mauve flashed up on the eastern horizon and presently the sun itself peeped over the brink of the water in all his golden splendor, and so began the finest day we had had for weeks. . . .

“As it grew lighter, Elephant Island loomed up through the mist on our port hand and for various reasons henceforth became our goal It was considered that the precipitousness of Clarence Island might preclude a landing thereon and, should we be carried by adverse winds or currents to the eastward, we might fail to weather it altogether, and Elephant Island was approximately no further off. . . .The morning was truly a beautiful one; we all got quite warm again rowing. Marston in the ‘Dudley Docker’ enlivened us with songs and we all felt much happier than we had for several days, confident this time of making the land. Except for sucking ice chips, we had had nothing to quench our thirst with since the mild of the evening of the 12th. . . .”

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