Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, aboard the ‘James Caird’ along on the way to South Georgia

–from Frank Worsley’s account ‘Endurance’—

“The oars lashed outside on the decking were catching the spray and holding up masses of ice. Shackleton decided that we should have to part with all but two; so the rest of them were thrown overboard, and a trying moment it was when they splashed into the sea, for we all knew that we might need those oars badly in days to come. The remaining two were pushed with some difficulty inside the boat.

“By this time the sleeping-bags had been wet for so long that they had become just sodden masses, and Shackleton decided that, in order to relieve the boat of their weight, two of them should be thrown overboard. This was a drastic step to take, for it left us with four sleeping bags to six men. However, as three were always on watch while the other three slept, it did not matter much. We also had the advantage of crawling into a sleeping-bag slightly warmed by the previous occupant instead of into a stiff and frozen covering.”

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