Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party, June 7th to June 14th, 1916: Still at the Discovery Hut, waiting for the sea to freeze. . . .

–from Ernest Joyce’s account “The South Polar Trail”—

“June 7th to June 14th. Wind ceased on the 9th, but came on again in the night. Calm on the 10th. About midday heard barking, went outside, found ‘Gunner’ and ‘Towser’ had ‘Oscar’ down; to separate them was a contract. I brought ‘Oscar’ into the hut and found him badly mauled; it was necessary for me to put twelve stitches in his back. ‘Gunner’ and ‘Towser’ were securely tied up. ‘Oscar’ disappeared, we searched miles for him,. But could not locate him. Eventually, he turned up three days later. I brought him in the hut and tied him up. His wounds are healing; will keep ‘Gunner’ and ‘Towser’ chained up.

“[Ernest] Wild and I went to the north to see if the sea-ice is fit to travel over. It seems in good condition, ten inches thick in places. Weather permitting, will start in a day or two. Took stock of food supply: enough Spratt’s biscuits for one month if no seals come up. Sufficient fuel for ten days if we use sparingly.”

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