Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition, July 15, 1916: “Quite an alarming occurrence took place today.”

—from the diary of Thomas Orde Lees—

“15 July. Quite an alarming occurrence took place today. An immense chunk, as big as a church, long pending from the glacier, fell off with a report like several bursts of thunder. It raised a mighty wave quite 40ft high, which made straight for our hut and would have wiped it out had not the brash in the bay damped it sufficiently to make it comparatively innocuous by the time it reached us. As it was, it flung huge chunks of ice weighing tons right across the spit.

“Marston was so convinced that it would inundate if not overwhelm the hut that he hollered out a ‘stand-by’. But it was unnecessary and only served to alarm the two poor invalids, Hudson and Blackborrow, both of whom are progressing as favourably as the unfavourable circumstances will permit.”

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